Here is a new mind map summarizing the main rules to increase during the reading of the qur’an.

In this having, After three years of absence here I am back by the permission of Allah, with the detailed reading of a new have, To motivate yourself to learn the suras there is nothing better than a visual. To this effect I am a francophone who dream one day of being fluent in the Arabic language literary, to be able to understand a sermon of the Friday, without translation, and especially to read and listen to the qur’an while understanding.

Slowly I have been journeying, and I persevere

You that I read, you have understood, I am not a professor of Arabic. However, I remain a teacher of science and so passionate about sharing and teaching. So I’m sharing bday today what I have learned, understood and mastered in the hope that it will allow you to also read the QR year. Please forgive me if you raise errors, I did search for this site, that the approval of my Creator