Random video chat on webcam Random Dating chat

Maybe Microsoft Edge works, maybe even less

Our new random video chat is in a version that requires access with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox because it is the browser that is currently the Protocol

The Protocol allows users to connect directly to the network with the best video and audio quality.

In addition to the Chrome or Firefox browsers, you must have access to a neighboring OS computer Windows, Linux, or Android.

Welcome to our new Random Video Chat for Android, where we are the first second of speed, so spend more time chatting and less time browsing.

As a new feature, we have the option for all Android users to associate the integrated chat with video chat, whereas this was not possible with Chrome or Firefox before, because we do not have Flash Player available on Android. This is a significant improvement, as all Android users can now connect to both our desktop video chats and a meeting point for both. We have always looked for the quality of our chats and have always tried to give mobile users access to all our chats on the same terms as desktop users. We don't like what happens in other versions of the chat, the mobile and desktop versions are completely different, and mobile users can't communicate with desktop users and Vice versa because most chat systems are different, which ultimately creates a differentiation that does not allow many users to get to know each other because they are not connected to the same chat server. It's a shame, because most of the features that allow multiple users to communicate at the same time are lost, and we've solved it in this mode, where the newer HTML video chat works and no other plugin is needed, and it works for both mobile phone users and desktop users. All users have the same video chat combined with sound, video and text. We regret that due to Apple's requirements and conditions for the iOS operating system, users of our new iPhone video chats cannot enjoy very limited functionality, which significantly improves the PP connection between users, connection speed, and quality of audio and video chats. We don't expect it, that Apple will change its restrictions in the short term, because the event known as the Happening, the theft of personal images on Apple's servers that occurred that year, will not help Apple improve its security policies and improve the protocols for carrying out communications of its users, can improve. If Apple's policy changes, our iPhone video chat will work as soon as possible.

Using our new Random Video Chat is very simple, but we will explain some basic concepts about how it works, so there is no doubt about it.

The property settings can be configured by clicking the following button: the control Panel of our video is simple, look at the attached image to see the various elements: After the parameters are set in the options, all you have to do is go back to the main menu and click Start, with people, your search criteria and their interests in the chat.

Our Randomness video Chat is essentially based on connecting PP, it's a user, connected to the user directly, without the mediation of external servers, so because of its own limit, this technology can not be moderated, since it can not control the users connected because it is connected to each of them, and limit the chat time for users.

So use our video chat with attention, because you don't know who is on the other side of the camera.

Today we are obliged to inform you that a user who has access to your webcam can be included in the streaming service. For this reason, it shows us the logic of not doing anything in our random video chat that would be impossible in the real world, because they can be recorded. There are many Internet programs that use webcam signal, fake, among the most famous are Face Webcam, which can be used for the first recording, send a video, for a person with Justin Bieber in a chat, think (even if it seems like a joke, it is happened many times).

In addition, we give you some basic recommendations so that your experience in random chat is the best: our new random video chat in HTML version requires you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (mandatory) to access it, because the browser, at the moment, is a Protocol that the user directly and with video quality and combines advanced audio.

In addition to the Chrome or Firefox browsers, you must have access to a Windows, Linux, or Android computer in your area.

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