Our new version, random VideoChat requires that you access with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, as these are the browsers that, at this time, support the protocol WebTV.

In addition to Internet browsers Chrome or Firefox, you must be in a Windows environment, or Linux, or Android.

Maybe Microsoft Edge will work, maybe not

Welcome to our new random video chat for Android, where we offer the speed of the first second, so that you spend more time talking and less waiting. As a novelty, we have included the possibility to connect to Chat with VideoChat to all Android users, as they use Chrome or Firefox, which was not possible before because we were using Flash Player, which is not available on Android, and is a significant improvement that all Android users can now connect to our Chat as well as to users of office and constitutes a meeting point for the two. We have always sought the quality in our cats and we have always tried to allow the users of mobile devices to access all of our cats in the same conditions as office users. We don’t like what’s happening in other versions of cats, where the versions of mobile and desktop are completely different and the mobile users can’t chat with office users and vice versa, because in most systems discussion present, two systems are differentiated, which leads to a differentiation that prevents many users to get to know because they are not connected to the same discussion server. It’s a shame, because a good part of these opportunities is lost to be able to discuss with more users at the same time, and we solved it in this way, with a new video chat that works in HTML five, which does not require any additional plugin, and it works both for users of phones mobile users and desktop systems.

All the users gathered in the same video chat, with features like audio, video, and text

We regret that the iPhone users may not be able to take advantage of our new VideoChat, due to the demands and impositions of Apple in its iOS operating system, which is very restrictive in relation to the interoperability WebTV, which is essentially Connection Can between the users, improving the speed of the connections and the quality of the audio and the video in the video chat. We do not expect that Apple changes its restrictive policies in the short term, because the event known as The Happening, the theft of personal images on Apple’s servers occurred, does not help Apple to improve its security policies and implement protocols WebTV, which can help improve the communication of its users. At the time Apple modifies its policies to that our Chat works on iPhone, VideoChat for iPhone will be ready in the shortest possible time. The operation of our new random video chat is very simple, but we are going to give you some basics of its operation, for there is no doubt. It is possible to set your preferences by clicking on the following button: The control panel of our videochat is simple, just see the attached picture to see the different elements: once the settings defined in the options, you can simply go back to the main menu and click on Start to start chatting with people with your search criteria and your interests. Our VideoChat rando is based on WebTV, which is essentially a connection Can, it is a user with a user directly, without intermediation of the external servers, so it is not moderate due to the clean limitation of this technology, since it is not possible to monitor all logged-in users because for this we should connect with each of them, by limiting the time of discussion to the users. Therefore, use our Video Chat with caution because you do not know who is on the other side of the camera. We must also inform that, In our day, it is possible that a user who has access to your webcam can record the streaming of it. For this reason, the logic says we don’t do anything in our VideoChat random that you would not do in the real world, since you can be saved. There are many programs on the Internet that will falsify the signal of a webcam, are among the most well-known are Fake Webcam and Manama, which can be used to send a video signal previously recorded to make one think of the person who is talking with Justin Bieber (although it seems that this is a joke, this has happened several times).Similarly, we will give you some basic tips for your experience in the chat random is the best possible: Our new version of videochat in HTML five requires you to access it with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (must), because these are the browsers that currently support the protocol WebTV, which allows users to connect directly, and with a quality video and improved audio. In addition to Internet browsers Chrome or Firefox, you must be in a Windows environment, or Linux, or Android