Live video Dating app

Launching a video is very simple

The picture contains more than a thousand words, and the video contains more than a thousand photosThis is what we thought when we decided to introduce a new feature as the first Dating app in Germany. We've spent many hours working on it, testing and improving it, and now it's finally here: starting today, you have video in the mode in the real-time section of Video Dating.

Tap the orange plus icon to open the camera

Thanks to the new feature, you can now interact with other users in real time.

This way, you get a lot of potential flirt partners to look forward to, not just in your profile with a photo and text. When friendship or flirting, meeting new people is still easy because you don't need Match Born to see the video. Just go to"Search"and select"Live video"from the bottom menu. After the"live video", you have launched your video, which is also already in the process of creation. You can see in real time how many users are watching you. You will also receive messages from other users and how many Little Hearts have been sent to You.

How you create your live video is entirely up to you.

For example, you can select a specific topic that you want to get information about. Or you can to first introduce your friend and his preferences in terms of functionality together. Videos of other members, you can also find in the search in"Live video". Here you will find all users who are currently alive.

To view the video, just click on the profile you are interested in, and You are in business.

Now you can send messages and distribute your own hearts to members.

The duration of the video is not limited in time. After completing the video, this is not your saved profile. At the moment, this feature is only available for Android users (at least the Android version). For our iOS users, you are already very close to the launch version.

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