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To confirm that this is true, please enter your mobile phone numberIn fact, the closeness in friendship is decreasing. Sometimes you are stronger than love. Dear friend, your support, support in joy, in need. Even if it's a fight, it still has ways for you. Friends are given to us by God. A friend is a rarity. Why not take so many showers. Finding them is the secret. And nothing can separate you if it is a true friend, or if God helps you find other friends. Thanks to his friends. And friendship is always true. For their soul, I am a fan, always ready to help, an obvious friendship should be based on reciprocity. And if there is no warmth in the answer, and you do not need to be naive, because it means that there is no friendship. Let him go his way, and I will go mine. It is a pity that there is not much soul in life of trusted friends, a merciless creature of love.

It does not choose its victims randomly and mows everything randomly, as if it is a venereal disease.

The first symptoms of this disease are usually accompanied by extremely pleasant sensations, and naive people mercilessly run to them in waves, not knowing what to expect next. Love is always accompanied by a faithful companion and friend called pain. You will need to know that with every loving and sweet injection of love, you are getting a generous dose of sharpness, not pain. Thus be it always will be. We are all doomed to the love of judgment, to a terrible and treacherous trial. Each of us is waiting for his own special torment. Surely it will bring a love of torture, and some will not. But those who are lucky enough to survive will suffer forever, because each of them carries the love of its own red, glowing sign of shame. Holy Sean, I won't do it. How sad it is, but it is forever. When, to the climax, take off. informs the phone call about these thoughts with a flutter on the skin. In case of alarm, I also remembered the harp and left me in the future and hit me.) No. You will be cursed with sin, and Flori-VA is below. They will be clean. That in itself, I don't know. But play with fate.

Love comes and goes, and friendship extends the year

New and new, as I understand it. BE YOURS.) Happiness is good health and bad memory) the Greatest love for all treasures and a diamond that even kings can't buy. It is the whole world, even if only two hands grasp it)Love is great a means to find beauty)Cat girl-cat petting her and she purrs) broke her heart. This is not a problem (PVA will help you) it is not better to write from a height, we live among people, in a city with a large population. But so often we are alone. I did that a lot. I would like to go for a walk, go to the cinema or just talk, but I understand that it is not with anyone, but with my best friend who lives far away, that I can continue to communicate online and by phone for an hour.

Sometimes you want someone who was close to you, and that's not true, and where to find them.

Or we won't have to look, but we'll find it.

There are a lot of acquaintances and friends, but I want my soul mate to feel close.

There is a saying:"If you want to be happy, be for them."Why not follow him? Everything in his power.

The main thing is to always fill in the active position.

During life, if you will excuse the pun, there is a constant struggle with the flow of life, and if you stop for a moment, you will inevitably move forward.

Remember the saying goes,"God helps what you are looking for."Follow her, and then your life will really be like in a fairy tale. Love' It's more that my heart is jumping from the roof's loud cries, that master again But much quieter than scored squeak mouse Is that every life seeks to Find himself lost again This is what is haunting you in a white veil with a devilish smile white light I tell you. Love itself is weightless. It's easier than your thoughts. But remember how your soul was sick when it walked, how your eyes were crying Wesley's tears. Gentle hands have a noose around your neck. You throw it around your neck. You don't leave anything for an old fool to tiptoe around. She'll ask you You can't see her You don't look into her eyes and think what it would be like not to hurt her feelings You don't believe it's really bad You can kill with her blooming and wilt You kill yourself like an aphid But it's even better to die That no one ever loves with her without her Then she goes without a problem and throws bad things in my face and I leave the door closed to knock on it in front of me to get in She wasn't the one I forgot long ago I'm not from the street with.

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