Rem Al Habsheim, minister of international Cooperation of the united arab Emirates, while on a visit to the IMA upcoming training courses the semester will be held from unum in march, a three juillets.

Enrollment in the intensive course of the two-two-two-six octobres are currently open. They will be closed on Thursday in an eight octobres to wear out. The arab world Institute offers courses in classical Arabic and dialectal Arabic: algerian, egyptian, moroccan, syrian-lebanese The Arabic literal are spread out on three different levels ranging from Light to Bun of the CEFR and are offered: All courses are aligned to the CEFR as follows. By clicking on each course, you will be taken to its program. If you have never taken a course at the IMA, you must, before you register, check your level by taking the placement test literal Arabic is the official language common to all arab countries: it is used by more than four hundred million people around the world. It is the language of the writing (press, literature.), but it also is used orally, in the media, in situations of official channels of communication, formal and sustained, and in any conversation that takes place between speakers of Arabic do not speak the same dialect. Dialectal Arabic is the language of communication common in the different arab countries. There are three major families of dialects: the Maghreb, the middle East and the Gulf. The arab world Institute offers courses in classical Arabic and Arabic dialects: algerian, egyptian, moroccan, syrian-lebanese, so You can choose the language that fits best to your wishes or to your learning goals. Choice of: classical Arabic, dialectal Arabic, egyptian, north african or syrian-lebanese. Opening hours: day and evening during the week as well as Saturday morning. For more details, see the planning to the opening of registration. Cost of a three-hour training: inclusive of VAT for individuals four five HT five four TTC for business intensive courses are organised during the school holidays in Paris.

The annual schedule will be published in January here

Each course is conducted in small group of five to two people, in the premises of the Institute of the arab world.

Each workshop is conducted by two teachers

This unique approach, acclaimed by our learners, ensures optimal learning: dynamism, variety of accents, ways of doing, of personalities According to their preferences, participants can have lunch in one of the dining areas of the IMA or in the neighborhood that provides ample opportunities for all tastes and all budgets. Cost of a three-hour training: inclusive of VAT for private individuals, four, five HT, or five-four inclusive of VAT for businesses. As for all the adult courses, the trainee card allows you to benefit from several advantages of the IMA. The centre of language and civilization arab is referenced, Data dock, and the training provided can be supported by the CPF. For the validation of the training, you agree to subscribe to any of the assessments in Arabic registered in the RNCP (National Register of Professional Certifications): Evlang (at any level) or DCL (for an intermediate level two at the minimum)